ARE 4.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 4.0
(7 exams to licensure)

ARE 4.0 / 5.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 4.0 / 5.0
(5 exams to licensure)

ARE 5.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 5.0
(6 exams to licensure)

The Amber Book

The Amber Book
(Building Systems Only)

Upcoming Live Seminars

Upcoming Live Seminars

Online Seminar

Online Seminar Overview

Info and Tips

Info & Tips

Tips for the ARE 5.0 transition

Tips for the
ARE 5.0 Transition

[Before taking the exam]: Just wanted to let you know I’m taking the Building Systems test Thursday; I feel prepared, especially with the seminar Michael taught (it would have taken me waaayyyy longer to get through study material had i needed to re-learn everything again!)    [After passing the exam]: I can attest to Michael’s class directly helping me pass the exam.

Rachel Islin

After a couple of failed attempts at passing the ARE Building Systems exam, I took Michael Ermann’s seminar and passed the exam a week later. There were several questions that I know I got correct because of the seminar. Michael was very thorough and made the material very understandable. I highly recommend Professor Ermann’s course. . .I just received results from my final section of the ARE (Structural Systems) and I passed! I’m a registered architect! Thank you again for your Building Systems seminar in NYC. You definately played a huge part in my success in completing these exams.

Ross Weinreb

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