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ARE 4.0 / 5.0
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ARE 5.0
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Amber Team, I just received my results from the building systems exam section of the ARE and it’s a PASS!!.  This was my second try at this exam and with the help of your [online video] course material I was able to understand the concepts of the exam content which made the exam itself a breeze.  Thanks again, on to the next exam!

Romero Chambers

Hi Michael, I took your ARE seminar in NYC at the end of May – and then took the exam 3 days later.  I just learned that I PASSED!  I am thrilled with my “investment” and I know that I couldn’t have done it on my first try without you.  Thank you so much for saving me time, money, and heartache.  Thank you also for your fantastic abilities as a teacher.  It’s always inspiring to work with someone with great skill and a very apparent love for what they’re doing.  Many thanks and have a great summer,


Michael, I recently took your seminar in Arlington.  I just sat for the exam on April 3 and PASSED!  Thank you for teaching a very helpful seminar – this was a great refresher considering I hadn’t looked at much of this material in fifteen years.  I will sing your praises to everyone I know; I’ve already recommended your online version to a colleague who is just starting to study for the Building Systems exam. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, and have a great day!

Claire Dickey

Good Afternoon, I wanted to share the good news — I passed the exam!  Thank you so much for coming down to Miami for seminar, I would not have passed with out it!

David Serra

Hello again. I would like to than you for all your support. I became a License Architect in the State of New York this past Monday, and I could not have done it without your help. The online seminar was the best option for me as I was able to schedule my studies at my own paste. I also appreciate the fact that you were “behind the screen” when a question arose. I wish I would have done your seminar many years ago. Thanks again.

Andrea Buchsbaum

Michael, I took the Building Systems test a week ago, and got my Pass notification today. The seminar was very helpful, and I greatly appreciate it! I’m also recommending it to anyone who cares to read my recommendations. That was my final test too. My state board meets next Friday, and I should be getting an application for licensure from them shortly after. I went off to college to become an Architect almost 19 years ago, and I’m quite excited that I’ve earned that title and will officially be an Architect within the next few weeks. The most important thing, though, is that I not only enjoyed the seminars, but they helped me pass. Thanks again.

Andy Olson

Hi Michael, I wanted to say thank you for the seminar. It was awesome. It gave me the courage and confidence to take it!  6 people from my office took the seminar and passed with your seminar plus a week or two of study time.

Gia Zapattini

Hey Prof & team – I appeared for the exam on the 6th of april and found out recently that i passed it – yayyyyyyy!!!!!! SUPER stoked!. Overall I took your advice on not studying any other material – other than the MEEB diagrams and the NCARB guide – and watching the lectures a couple times (picked up alot more information on the second time) along with taking extensive notes. Your way of teaching and explaining every concept to its basic details really works – along with your way of encouragement where i was able to feel confident about knowing much more than i thought i did – esp after having failed building systems twice before. I just wanted to send a thank you note as this was my third time appearing for the exam and this time around i felt like i could really pull from the concepts you had covered in the lectures – and have a logic to follow – this is invaluable to me. I am an over-studier and i feel that this is not the correct approach for building systems. From my experience what i have noticed is that studying one particular source – in my case the Amber course – is MUCH better than pouring over Kaplan + Ballast + MEEB + any other resource out there – as this just ended up confusing me on the day of the exam the first two times. Onto BDCS and Schematic design for me!Thanks once again! Hope others see my post and are able to turn to your course for much needed understanding of the concepts behind Building systems – as i am sure that this has not only helped me pass my exam (which was priority for me) but also that i’ll be able to utilize all this information in practice too.


Dear Amber Team, Just want to let you know that I have passed the BS division.  The online videos and the amber book are all very helpful. Thanks a lot!

Eddie Chou

I just wanted to say thanks, I got my pass today.  Your videos are very informative and easy to grasp.  Wish you had them for all of the exams but I thank you for putting this one together. Thanks again.

Chris Taglich

Hey Michael, I just wanted to let you know I found out today that I passed my BS ARE! Only Schematics left! Thank you so much for holding the prep course, it helped so much!

Nathan Williams

Hi Michael, I was in the class you gave in DC earlier this month. Let me first thank you again for taking the time to put together and give this seminar. It was a great refresher class and the visual aid were very helpful. It is without a doubt the best class I have ever attended and you probably are the best teacher I have ever had.

Valery Tessier

Hello, I took my exam on March 19th and got my pass result on March 26th.  I watched your video once, did the NCARB exam and then watched your video again, pausing a lot and rewinding the videos. I’m a mother to an 11-months baby. Without your video, it would have been  impossible for me to study for 4 weeks and then pass the exam. So just wanted to say thanks.

Michelle Asadies

PASS!!! Thanks, your seminar was awesome!!!

Yoosook Lee

Michael Er”THE”mann – thank you! Your videos…priceless.  I must admit I compared the price at first to that nice spring coach bag in Macy’s but finding out I just passed my last exam couldn’t compare:-) When I first took this exam I used the same materials that have been suggested  MEEB, this study guide that study guide which lead me to a place of being overwhelmed and as a result I failed with flying colors.   That’s when I purchased the Amber online seminar.  If you are looking for a concise, straight to the point, organized study session THIS IS IT!  The videos and explanations were on point.  As a visual person there were several times in the exam I would mentally just recall the animated pictures. The vidoes are professionally made and top notch.  There are times in the videos where you use live examples to explain how things  work.  Like one instance you show what each light  does to a colored sheet and after seeing it I was able to understand and get it.   I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to study and pass in 3 weeks.  I did exactly what he said watch the videos for three weeks and take the exam right away.  I took my exam day 22!  And now I have my license number and NCARB certificate :-)I’m not sure how long it took you to make those videos (and the Mech one was super effective) but I thank you! Sincerely, Andrea Henderson, now Miss. Licensed Architect 🙂

Andrea Henderson

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