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This exam and study guide tests—and fosters—ownership of concepts in building systems, with an emphasis on the content stressed in the A.R.E. Building Systems test. It is designed as a study tool, learning exercise, and confidence-builder. Practice exam questions are not reading comprehension devices that follow lessons, but rather opportunities to introduce a topic.

Your time is valuable so this study guide does not treat all content that might appear on the exam equally. Rather it weights content by (1) its importance in the A.R.E. exam and (2) its usefulness to the career of an architect. It further weights the content based on its “yield.” In other words, memorizing the entire plumbing code will certainly help you on the A.R.E. exam, but it is certainly not the most efficient mode of studying for it.

Good luck on the A.R.E.

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How is the vignette uploaded?

There is no “print,” option in the practice vignette software, so you will need to

  1. “Print-screen”
  2. Paste it to a software such as Microsoft Paint
  3. Print it as a .pdf (or scan it).

How do I download the practice vignette?

Go to and scroll down to the “Building Systems,” heading. Click on the Building Systems “Practice Program,” download the software, and load the software on your computer by opening the .exe file.

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