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I just passed my last ARE 5.0 exam. Amber Book was an invaluable tool in helping me complete this task and I will absolutely be recommending this to colleagues.  Information was explained in a concise, thoughtful way that not only helped me understand the material but gave me the confidence to group tests together and complete the process sooner than anticipated.


Victor Barbalato

I passed both tests! Your material is amazing! I am highly recommending it to anyone I know taking the test! I had taken PPD and PDD a total of 4 times without passing. I heard about your material and tried it. I studied all videos for a month, took PPD and PDD back to back and passed! Everything made more sense than ever before. Thanks!



Nathan Burkholder

I’ve taken all 6 of the ARE exams and passed them on the first try! Thanks again for making studying easy and compact. I will definitely recommend you to my coworkers. 

Catherine Wilkinson

I just wanted to tell you that I finally passed my last two exams, PPD and PDD. Your videos were probably the only reason I passed and I want to thank you for the good work and helpful videos. They were by far the most comprehensive and thorough study material I found and I responded well to the animations and explanations. Thank you! I’m telling everyone I know to sign up for these. Excellent work.

Kate Aoki

I just received a “provisional pass” for PPD, which means I’ve completed the ARE! Your seminars were chalk full of information and easy to digest and wrap my head around. By far the best seminars out there. Thanks again!!

Harris Briggs

I recently used your ARE 5.0 Three-Exam Bundle to prepare for the ARE. I’m writing to tell you the good news that I passed all six exams on the first shot! I followed the “ARE 5.0 strategy” offered on the website and took them one per week. I just wanted to convey my heartfelt appreciation for building my confidence for the exams and helping me chart my course.

Holly Manders

 Thank you for putting together a well done, interesting series of lessons, that brings this detail, far flung ARE exam into focus. I found it was particularly helpful in getting the correct NCARB terms and descriptions. After being in several different offices and on several construction sites where the same process, item, and /or system goes by several different names, it was nice to see the known visual with the NCARB (official) terms. I will watch it all again to commit to memory the parts of the lesson my mind missed, and because it just that good!

Lysanne Szabo

I have passed the test after watching your instructive videos. Thank you again for helping us through this process! Worth every cent!

Gergana Panteva

Thank you for this resource!! I just learned today that I passed the exam!! Woo hoo. You guys not only helped me pass, but also made the subject so interesting with your easy explanations and incredible graphics. So indebted to you! THANK YOU.

Samantha Mathew

Just wanted to let you know that I got my final pass notice.  I couldn’t have done it without the awesome videos and study course provided by Amber Book.  The information it contained and the presentation of that material made it possible.  Thanks again and I will be highly recommending Amber Book to all of my fellow co-workers that are pursuing their licensure.

Kory Murphy

I just wanna say thank you for the best money ever spent. Your videos are so helpful and very well done. I took the exam 4 days after my videos expired and just received the the score report noting I passed.

Alicia Deschamps

I want to thank you for making such instructive seminars. I have passed the test and you gave me the confidence to do so. I felt very well prepared before going in. However, what matters to me the most is that I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD the material and can’t wait to apply the knowledge in my practice. Looking forward to finishing all my ARE with your guidance! Thank you sincerely.

Gergana Panteva

I passed! and I would think this is in no small part thanks to you all. I do not know what else to say but THANK YOU! Prof. Ermann and the team have compiled an excellent source that is comprehensive yet easy to follow. Honestly, I think I could have failed again had I not spent time watching and rewatching the videos. I am not very familiar with the content of the 5.0, but if your BS series is any indication, I will be highly recommending that my coworkers look into using your material for the 5.0 divisions. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Prof. Ermann and the Amber Team.


Preston Guthrie

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I passed the test last week.  Only having one more test to go is very satisfying!  Your material was very helpful and easy to digest.  I really appreciate it.

Brian Peterson

I just received my PASS.  Thank you for the videos. They were extremely helpful and I felt I developed a strong understanding of some important concepts through them.

Christopher Moore