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Let us take you across the finish line to licensure. We can help you study for ALL of your remaining exams.

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Tuition is $390 per month, and you can stop anytime. It’s $290 per month each if you sign up with a friend. Tuition includes a hard copy of our book, The Amber Book: ARE 5.0 Edition, that we will mail to you. We’ll also email you a sample case study to practice with.

For most people, these courses are intended to replace studying rather than initiate it (even if you study no other content).

I don’t believe that studying for one of these exams alone is the best path. Study for all the ones you have left, then take all within a few days of each other. I know this sounds frightening for some, but I think it offers the highest likelihood of passing in the fewest number of hours studying.

The video bundle you get will include systems, construction, site, codes, and professional practice content. This totals approximately 36 hours of video, which should take you around 70 hours to complete, including stopping to answer the questions that come with the course. You can watch as many times as you like in that multi-month window, and if you watch it twice, it’ll take you around 100 hours to complete.

This course is self-guided so that you can go at your own pace and you can watch each video as many times as you like while you have access.

Know that you will not be able to share or copy this video. The license is only for one user on one computer. We customize each video with a watermark of your name (one frame only, in several different locations in the video, so too fast and too small to find it.) If you share the video, your credit card or Paypal account will be charged for each person you share it with, and each person they share it with, and so on. If you receive a bootlegged copy, let us know. We’ll give you half of the net legal damages we recover. We could not be more serious about this.

There is a $100 discount per person per month for all orders of two or more so if you have a friend or friends who are interested, you EACH receive $100 off for EACH month, and you don’t need to start your video access window simultaneously. You and your friend will also be billed separately so you won’t have to gather the money for everyone. Many people use an online forum like AREcoach or the NCARB Community to find a partner.

0% of this course is simply tripoded video of me giving a class. I’ve hired animators, a movie maker, an audio recording studio, and a video recording studio to make this the kind of thing I’d want to watch for that many hours. This summer we had 13 animators, two book editors, and an audio recording engineer working to make new videos and a new book. I take production quality seriously. We don’t have anyone working as an office manager or as HR or as anything that doesn’t involve making new content or editing old content.

We are a word-of-mouth course and we put all of our time and resources back into making our course better. I’ve been an architecture professor for 16 years, so I have a content-first approach. Please search “Amber” on one of the forums to read what people say about this course.

Because we customize each video with your name, you can typically expect the link to the video and digital copy of the book to arrive with an email within 48 hours of when you purchase it.

“I want to enroll, but don’t want to start just yet.” If you order the video now, just tell us when you want the video delivered to your inbox (it needn’t be right away). Ordering the video early is not a bad idea because it allows enough time for the mail to deliver a paper copy of the Amber Book before you start the videos. If you want to start right away, that’s fine too.

To purchase the online course, send an email to

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Free Sample Videos

Watch a free sample of each of the following topics through the links below. Links will open in a new window or tab.
Architectural Acoustics 1
Architectural Acoustics 2
Architectural Acoustics 3
Architectural Acoustics 4
Steel 1
Steel 2
Building Foundations
Air conditioning 1
Air conditioning 2
Air conditioning 3
Professional Practice
Electric Lighting
Column buckling

The Amber Book

The ARE 5.0 Practice Exam
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