ARE 4.0 / 5.0 Pathway

Step 1

  • Purchase the Amber Book Five Exam Shortcut videos. Note these are the same videos as the ARE 5.0 series, you’ll just watch them in a different order and need to seek other sources for vignette help.
  • Use the Site and Professional Practice sections to study for the multiple choice portions of the ARE 4.0 PPP, CDS, and SPD exams.

Step 2

  • Study for the vignettes using other sources
  • Pass the ARE 4.0 PPP, CDS, and SPD exams

Step 3

  • Watch the rest of the videos.
  • Pass the ARE 5.0 PPD and PDD exams
  • Celebrate with a loved one that you are licensed
ARE 5.0 Four-Exam Bundle

ARE 4.0 → 5.0
Five-Exam Bundle

ARE 4.0 Construction Documents & Services (multiple choice only)
ARE 4.0 Programming, Planning & Practice (multiple choice only)
ARE 4.0 Site Planning & Design (multiple choice only)
ARE 5.0 Project Planning & Design
ARE 5.0 Project Development & Documentation

Upcoming Live Seminars

Upcoming Live Seminars

Online Seminar

Online Seminar Overview

Info and Tips

Info & Tips

Tips for the ARE 5.0 transition

Tips for the
ARE 5.0 Transition