In an effort to move design staff more efficiently through architecture licensure, firm licenses allow all of the firm’s emerging professionals to access the Amber Book online animated video course, hardcopy workbook, and searchable case-study pdf. The cost to the firm is based on firm size, discounted significantly from the $390 per month the enrollee would pay if signed up as an individual. To be clear, we are closer to a full ARE 5.0 university course aimed at licensure than we are to a normative resource aimed at simply studying for the next division.


The firm pays for one year up front, and we guarantee you’ll love the course; you can cancel anytime if you’re not thrilled and we’ll refund the rest of your year, prorated. Email online@amber-book.com to start.


Whether it is to move up the online firm rankings, groom the next cohort to lead the firm, provide licensure as a service to your design professionals for staff recruitment and retention, get folks through the tortured exam process more efficiently so they can spend more time on billable hours, charge higher rates for licensed design staff, work on federal government projects that require licensed staff, or make better architecture . . . .you want architects to become licensed more quickly, and we can help because we’ve helped over 5,000 emerging professionals study for these exams. We’re sure we offer the highest likelihood of passing in the least amount of time studying, because 500 people have written to us, unsolicited, and told us so. Plus, our course is fun.

Firm Obligations

None (other than storage of the Amber Book hardcopy workbooks at your office(s)).

Amber Book Obligations

  1. To work with you, beginning right now, to get as many firm architects licensed in the shortest amount of time. 
  2. To provide the Amber Book online video course for one month to ALL the firm’s emerging professionals. They can continue to enroll as long as they have an exam division firmed up and scheduled within the next three months. Simply have the course participant email online@amber-book.com with a preferred course start date and we’ll take care of everything else. 
  3. To provide hardcopy books to each location of the firm, as required. If you forget to tell us you are out of books, that’s not a problem. We will mail a hard copy directly to the course enrollee and a new batch of hard copies for the office to store.

Ask Me

I was the first person in the nation to pass all six ARE 5.0 divisions, and I’ve worked with thousands who are taking these tests, including intensive three-day courses at AIA New York, AIA Miami, AIA Dallas, AIA Houston, AIA Raleigh, AIA Northern Virginia, AIA New Orleans, AIA New Mexico, AIA Alaska, and AIA Washington DC (more than one thousand total have completed my in-person courses). I’ve partnered with AIA National to provide AIA members access to my online course; I have 17 years as a full-time university professor; and I know more about this test and how people study for it than probably anyone in the world. So even if you are not interested in purchasing a firm license, use me as a resource in crafting your firm’s approach to licensure and learning because I live this stuff. I can be reached at ermann@amber-book.com.


*Pricing is a function of total firm size inclusive of all US-based employees. 

*We adjust the price downward for firms with more than 25% engineering, planning, or construction revenues because they tend to have fewer architects on staff as a percentage of employees. If you are one of those firms, reach out to us and ask for a revised customized quote that more fairly accounts for the number of design staff who can utilize this course.


Each emerging professional with the firm’s domain in their email address will get access to one month’s access on any start date desired. After that first month, the enrollee may continue access to the course provided they’ve scheduled at least one exam division within the next 90 days. (We recommend scheduling all of your remaining divisions to fall two to three months after your start the course.) We are all deadline-oriented people in this profession, and we’ve found that licensure rates go up with this constraint in place.


Email online@amber-book.com and we’ll take care of everything.