Go in There Like You Own Prometric

Have swagger (or fake it) on test day because even feigned confidence is better than abject terror.

Dress in layers so if you overheat you can peel and if it is over air-conditioned you can layer-up.

Remind yourself that when you encounter a question you just don’t know, guess, flag it so you know to go back to it, and move on without remorse.

Often material covered in a later question or material included as part of a case study will answer the test item you flagged. Plus, obsessing over a question you don’t know the answer to is not likely to help you come to the solution, and it risks slowing you down to the point where questions might be left unanswered as time runs out.

Start going to bed early three nights before test day, because you may not sleep well the night before the test, no matter what you do.

Exercise and eat well while you are studying; it’s worth the time away from your study materials to maintain a clear head.

Stay positive and remind yourself that anxiety will do nothing to serve you.

Go easy on yourself if you fail (failing is a feature, not a bug. . . you’ll schedule a retake) and if you pass, take some time to celebrate with the loved-ones you ignored the previous month while you studied.

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