How Many Do I Need to Get Right On this Practice Exam?

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you won’t be surprised by my allergic reaction to this question.

Each division has its own cut score and they range so that 57% correct may be a pass in one division and 67% may be a fail in another.

Each exam is assembled carefully by NCARB with both knowledge of the questions’ metrics (the proportion of past test-takers who successfully answered each question, each question’s point binomial distribution, etc.) and on the correct balance of difficult and easy questions to meet an established target.

No test prep provider has enough such data for you to get much meaning out of a score. I fully understand the urge to measure yourself to mark improvement and gauge readiness, but don’t take any joy or shame in a given practice test score, because that number is probably meaningless.

Instead use the practice problems to introduce you to topics that you might not have thought to study otherwise, and to get a general feel if you own the concepts and are ready to schedule the exam. (If you think you might be ready, you are!)

I do love practice tests, just don’t try to squeeze meaning out of your score on these. Diving straight into a practice test is great for creating doubt in the learner, and doubt is an important part of making learning sticky.

Don’t fear doubt.

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