I Still Don’t Understand How Question Scoring Works

That other post, at times, seems hard to follow: “Level 2 in Area 4 and Level 4 in Area 2?” Allow me to simplify.

  1. There is no “failing a content area” . . . if you get enough questions correct on the division, you pass, regardless of where those questions came from.
  2. If you see a “pick the three out of six choices that are correct” problem, you have to answer all three correct or you are marked wrong for the whole question. Don’t spend too much time on these. Answer them and flag them to go over after you’ve answered all the questions.
  3. Because case study questions often take longer, but are still worth one point, leave them until the end. Some like to take a few minutes at the beginning to glance over the case study material, lest they come across a code question early in the test with the answer serendipitously buried in the case study code excerpt. That seems like a reasonable approach but don’t spend more than five minutes previewing the case study material at the beginning of a test.
  4. Don’t read too much into your fail report content area summary. It looks like it would be helpful in telling you what to study next time, but it isn’t.
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