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Purchasing Information

For most people, these courses are intended to replace studying (rather than initiate it), even if you study no other content.

Tuition for all ARE 5.0 (inclusive of all divisions) is $390 per month until you are ready to stop. There is a $100 per month discount for each of you if you sign up with a friend.

To enroll, email Let us know your mailing address, and the date you want to start.

0% of this course is simply a tripod video of me giving a class. I’ve hired animators, a movie maker, an audio recording studio, and a video recording studio to make this the kind of thing I’d want to watch for that many hours. I take production quality seriously.

You will not be able to share or copy this video. The license is only for one user on one computer. We customize each video with a watermark of your name (one frame only, in several different locations in the video, so too fast and too small to find it.) If you share the video, you’ll be charged for each person you share it with. If you receive a bootlegged copy, let us know. We’ll give you half of the net legal damages we recover.


To purchase any of the online courses, send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner and I want to pay separately and start at different times?
No problem. Just send the addresses of everyone interested to and we’ll work out the details and contact each of you separately.

You say that people can pass these exams with these videos, even if they don’t study other material. Can this be?
Yes. . . . and no. Bear with me, here. I believe that this video series gets you the highest likelihood of passing in the least amount of time. With the ARE 5.0 for instance, if you have a 90% chance of passing each of the six exams, that means you have only about a 50% chance of passing all six exams on the first try. Most of the exams have pass rates about 55%, So the goal for most of you isn’t to pass this next exam, but rather to get licensed as quickly as possible. That may involve some division re-takes.

Do you really think I should schedule the exam for right after I’m finished with the videos?
Yes! This suggestion isn’t based on a deep-held conviction, but rather sprouted organically from the emails I’ve received from folks who took the test right away–and from sad emails from those who waited.

How old is the video?
I’m always adding content. I won’t let this series of videos become outdated.

Do you have videos for all of ARE 5.0?

Online Seminar Preview

Free Sample Videos

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Steel 1
Steel 2
Column buckling


Heating and Air Conditioning


Building Foundations

Professional Practice

Professional Practice