Only Some of the Bad Things You Hear About NCARB are True

Rumor #1 “NCARB is a money-making operation:” Not really. Each test you take costs them more in Prometric fees than you pay to schedule it.

Rumor #2 “Their questions are bogus:” This rumor has some legs; I’m not thrilled with their questions. I wish they would rely on paid educators rather than volunteer practitioners to create their test items. The balance of professional-competence-to-technical-competence test items has swung too far in the professional competence direction. However, I’m certain the question quality has improved in recent years—less “architecture trivia” and more higher-level-Bloom’s-Taxonomy content. (click here if you want to see a diagram of Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Rumor #3 “They don’t care about me:” That might have been true in the past, but I think they are now committed to helping folks on the path to licensure. The forum they created and the help-desk staff are about as good as I’ve found in comparably-sized organizations.

Rumor #4 “The Prometric test centers suck:” Yes they do. Yes they do.

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