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Alright…I got my PASS today! You have a proven system, I took a leap and trusted it against my better judgement and saved weeks of studying and stressful worry! Thanks!!!

Rachel Johnson

Hi Michael, Just wanted to say thanks again for all your efforts the past couple days in teaching the seminar.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was incredible what you were able to communicate so quickly and patiently.  I am better off as an architect having taken your class. I wish that I could’ve had a chance to have you as a professor.  

Katrina Nguyen

I got my PASS!  The Ermann videos are fun to watch and they cut study time in half.  The videos very well organized and make understanding the study materials and concepts a LOT easier.  I recommend anybody studying for the Building Systems exam to watch these videos.  You’ll feel a lot more confident going into the exam after watching these videos and working the problems.  Two thumbs up! 

E. Martinez

A very many thanks to the Amber Team for the excellent study material.  I took the test on the 23rd, and received my pass results a few hours ago.  Prior to seeking out the online seminar, I read through Ballast section for Building Systems, and was confident that I was NOT going to be able to understand all the MEP content without a bit more explanation.  I’d say a third of the test was covered in the seminar, a third i was able to use work experience and deductive reasoning based on the seminar to answer, and the other third i just guessed.  I was definitely over prepared for the math portions, and that made me feel good. I’m glad to now have a much better understanding. Thank you again for everything.  It’s so hard to find good study material for the ARE, and I hope others continue to benefit from your work!

Jessica Hughes Bennett

…And it’s a” big fat PASS”!! Thank you so much Mr. Ermann for making the awesome AMBER videos. You cut straight into the topics very smoothly and precisely. This was my retake and I should say your videos helped me to approach the multiple choice questions differently this time (well I actually was able to answer the question before even looking at the choices). These videos has not only helped me to pass this division but also developed interest in building systems. I highly recommend your seminar for all those who would like to pass this division on their first try without stressing out.

Sujeetha Bharath

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have thoughtfully designed study aids. I don’t think my BS class in university was nearly this good. I will be sure to recommend the [online] course to my peers.  I passed! Another mark for your score card! Will recommend you to my peers!

Sarah H.

Professor Ermann, I just had to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the letter I just got from NCARB…I passed BS!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the last of all my exams and the 3rd time I have taken it. I quit my job the 2nd time to study for it and still failed. This time I was working, had to attend my Grandfather’s funeral out of state in the middle of studying and am 7 months pregnant, but thanks to your course, I finally PASSED!!! To say I am elated is an understatement. Now I can focus on my son who will be arriving shortly and finally call myself a licensed architect!!! And none of that would have been possible without your [online] course and personal guidance. Not only was your seminar interesting and easy to follow, the fact that you personally called me when I had questions blew me away. Thank you again!

Caty Blake

Thanks for your great course.  I would not have understood all the concepts BS covers had I just studied out of standard prep material. I took the exam on Tuesday.   I think the Online Amber Seminar captures around 80% of what we get tested on, Coming back from the exam I realized that it’s not just knowing the material, but understanding it at a “curve ball question proof” level. Thanks again, [then one week later. . . .] I passed!  Everything you claim works.  Unbelievable.

JJ Riestra

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I passed with flying colors. It was the exam I felt the most confident taking. This online video course was invaluable, especially with all of the animations. I am recommending it to all of my friends who haven’t taken BS yet!

Anita Hsieh

Hello, I would like to say thank you for helping me pass my building systems exam! The videos were very helpful and reinforced the knowledge I would need to pass the exam. I also found the videos very helpful for my practice of architecture in general. The videos also made me excited about learning about the building science. I am much more confident when talking with MEP engineers and I hope to apply some of the principles that I learned in the videos to daily practice. Thanks!!!

Joshua Hogan

Thanks for the videos, I got my pass Today.  I watched them twice and took notes, very helpful!  I doubt I could have absorbed that much information from a book.

Daniel McNamara

Michael, I took your advice, my exam was Sunday and I just got my results today and its a PASS! You are a genius and do a great job of breaking down concepts making them simple. I recommend your ONLINE CLASS to everyone as I pressed rewind when I did not grasp certain concepts. This was my re-take but your class took me to the next level and thanks. This is a proud moment for both of us and your work has not gone in vane. Please continue the good work because us/the ARE Building Systems Candidates need you. THANKS!

Aaron Saunders

Hello Michael, I wanted to let you know that I took the exam and passed! I followed your advice and took it two weeks after your course and a lot stuck. Thank you for the success. One more test for me. You gave me a great basis for understanding the different systems that were on the test. The group diagrams outside stuck in my mind clearly and still do.

Michael Finley

Hi Michael! Just wanted to drop a line about my PASS!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your guidance and encouragement. This was the third time around, but I do believe using your online seminar helped tremendously in finally passing BS. You covered all the content areas, and actually made it fun and engrossing so that I forgot I was studying for an ARE test. I took the test on January 23rd, found out the following Friday, the 30th, that I passed…and then had my 3rd child later that day too! It was my final ARE to officially make me a RA. It was an exciting Friday to say the least! Baby 3 is doing well and we are getting back to a normal schedule. Best wishes with your continued teaching. I think many of us are ever so grateful for your seminar. Thank you again!!!

Lana Smelley

Professor Ermann, I passed my Building Systems exam! Thanks so much for the wonderful [online] course. I wish something like this was available for all of the exam sections – it made studying so much easier and enjoyable, compared to pouring through stacks of books, not knowing if you’re focusing your energy in the right direction. I took your course, peeked at a few notes on communications/security systems, and read over the ADA bathroom dimensions. That was pretty much it. Thanks again for the hard work you’ve put into this resource. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues who are testing. I’ve got a full time job and couple of little kids – I’m trying to be efficient with this process! I know I’m not the only one. The two week intensive study plan was exactly what worked for me.Only one left, Building Design and Construction Systems!

Michelle Campbell