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ARE 4.0
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ARE 4.0 / 5.0
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ARE 5.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 5.0
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The Amber Book
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Tips for the
ARE 5.0 Transition

Professor Ermann First of all Happy New Year! Second, I have two friends who are also taking the ARE and I have highly recommended your videos for them to study off of. I passed my exam after watching your videos and they are by far the best study videos I have seen for the ARE. Thank you again for making them.

Wayne Lin

Hi, Wanted to let you know that I PASSED the Building Systems exam! Your videos should be the standard studying material for the BS exam. Puts everything into perspective and gives you the background knowledge necessary to take on any question on the exam. I was able to strategically navigate through questions on aspects in which I was not readily familiar. I walked out of the exam feeling like I had done exceptionally well, which scared me (haha). The results confirmed my initial notions. Four individuals at the firm I work for will be beginning to take their exams this upcoming year. I have strongly recommended your videos as the base study material for the BS exam.Thank you for making this invaluable resource available to us emerging architects. We are very appreciative.

Nicholas Robinson

Professor Ermann, Just wanted to share the good news that I passed the Building Systems exam, thanks in great part to your online course.  This was my last exam, so I have submitted all of my IDP and should be licensed by the end of the year. Thanks to your course, I was able to focus on the things I needed to study in order to pass the exam.  Thanks again for providing this course as a study tool, it really helped!

Shawna Hammon

Thank you! I just received my pass letter, I’m sure you get this from everyone but you truly helped me with this exam.  I am now done with the ARE and am eligible to take the CSE.  If you are ever in Santa Barbara or Ventura, Ca. I would love to buy you lunch or a beer.

Daniel Saltee

Hi Michael, I took the Exam on the 9th, about two weeks after taking your seminar in NYC. I passed!!! It was a really tough exam. I felt very prepared going into the exam. Your course helped A TON!! I didn’t study hardly at all beforehand, so with your seminar and two additional weeks of studying I was able to make it happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eva Pederson

Hello Mr. Ermann, I recently signed up for your online A.R.E. Building Systems Prep Seminar.  I took my Building Systems exam last Saturday.  I am happy to report that I have PASSED, and this was my final test!   Thank you for offering this course online!  It was extremely informative not only for the A.R.E. exam but also for everyday practice.

Eric Edwards

Hello, I received my PASS letter this morning! I took this exam last spring and failed (obviously since I was in your Nov seminar). Honestly, looking back on the spring exam, I was not prepared even though I studied for 6 weeks. I just didn’t know the material well enough. You made everything crystal clear. For the first time during my final ‘skim’ review of notes, I passed over the HVAC and elec sections because I felt completely confident in those areas. Your interactive teaching using students as molecules was unbelievably helpful and I pictured those examples in my mind many times. I would say that the Specialties review might need a bit more attention. Your method of laying out the lights for the vignette was great, too! …. it’s so simple! Thank you again. I have already told friends to take your spring seminar in NYC. This was my final exam, too.

Jaclyn Thomforde

Hi Professor Ermann, First and foremost, thanks for a great class here in NY several weeks ago. It was very informative and I really believe it helped me to understand building systems in a meaningful way that will carry through my career. I will recommend your course to colleagues that aren’t even taking the exam just because it is so clear and informative. I didn’t study before your class and I flipped through MEEB after your class the day before the exam on Dec 1st. I also ran through the Kaplan practice exam. Got my results today and I passed the exam. Thanks again for the great class, your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.

Hedi Allameh

Michael, I just received the result of the Building Systems exam, and I passed!! Thank you for all your help, and thank you for creating such a great video series to watch. Not only did I pass the exam with flying colors (the first try!), but I learned A LOT from your video.

Wesley Azzouz

Hi Michael! I am happy to share that I passed the Building Systems exam–my final ARE exam! Thanks for your help in getting past this hurdle!

Tessa Kelly

Michael, Just wanted to let you know that I got my results back and I am elated to say that I passed. Thank you for getting me there! I have been practicing for almost 6 years now and yesterday I had a meeting with our consulting MEP engineers and it was the first time that I actually fully understood what they were talking about. They were describing the entire heating/cooling strategy for a building we are working on and it all was crystal clear in my head what it was, which is really amazing considering 2 weeks ago it was a total mystery. So thank you!

Andrew Lewis

Professor Ermann-I recently took your seminar in new York a few weekends ago.  Per your suggestion, I took the test the day after the seminar.  I just received my results and I passed!  This is a big win since it was my last exam.  Having failed it twice after passing all of my other exams, it is an especially big win. I’m really glad I took your seminar. I found it quite helpful and actually pretty interesting.  I look at buildings and mechanical rooms (especially our pipe-cladden stairwell) in a whole new light.  And I don’t think i’ll ever forget the principles of refrigeration now. Thanks again.

Megan Mills

Hi Michael, In case you were wondering, A.R.E. 4.0 Building Systems is history for me! I got the pass! Thank you so much for your seminar.  Of course, it was money well spent! Again, thank you for your time and the production of this resource.  This was a scary re-test for me, but you helped a great deal in my understanding of key concepts.  Keep up the good work.

Verna James

Michael, I wanted to let you know that a few days ago I found out that I PASSED!!!!  Your seminar truly was enjoyable and it did a wonderful job of laying down a great foundation for the major topics. I finished your seminar in about a week. Then I spent a week scanning all the diagrams in MEEB and re working through the Amber book and studying all the awesome matrix charts in the Amber book. Great job on the seminar! This is going to help A LOT of people!!!!

Megan Tegethoff

Prof. Ermann, Thank you for making these videos. Your online seminar was crucial to understanding the material needed to pass the exam, and also essential for practice after the exam. They were a breeze to get through, informative, and thorough. I was burnt out from months of studying for all of the exams, and not sure I could get through this last one. I am happy to report that I have now completed the ARE! Thanks again.

Jennifer Birks

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