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Hi Michael! I am happy to share that I passed the Building Systems exam–my final ARE exam! Thanks for your help in getting past this hurdle!

Tessa Kelly

Michael, Just wanted to let you know that I got my results back and I am elated to say that I passed. Thank you for getting me there! I have been practicing for almost 6 years now and yesterday I had a meeting with our consulting MEP engineers and it was the first time that I actually fully understood what they were talking about. They were describing the entire heating/cooling strategy for a building we are working on and it all was crystal clear in my head what it was, which is really amazing considering 2 weeks ago it was a total mystery. So thank you!

Andrew Lewis

Professor Ermann-I recently took your seminar in new York a few weekends ago.  Per your suggestion, I took the test the day after the seminar.  I just received my results and I passed!  This is a big win since it was my last exam.  Having failed it twice after passing all of my other exams, it is an especially big win. I’m really glad I took your seminar. I found it quite helpful and actually pretty interesting.  I look at buildings and mechanical rooms (especially our pipe-cladden stairwell) in a whole new light.  And I don’t think i’ll ever forget the principles of refrigeration now. Thanks again.

Megan Mills

Hi Michael, In case you were wondering, A.R.E. 4.0 Building Systems is history for me! I got the pass! Thank you so much for your seminar.  Of course, it was money well spent! Again, thank you for your time and the production of this resource.  This was a scary re-test for me, but you helped a great deal in my understanding of key concepts.  Keep up the good work.

Verna James

Michael, I wanted to let you know that a few days ago I found out that I PASSED!!!!  Your seminar truly was enjoyable and it did a wonderful job of laying down a great foundation for the major topics. I finished your seminar in about a week. Then I spent a week scanning all the diagrams in MEEB and re working through the Amber book and studying all the awesome matrix charts in the Amber book. Great job on the seminar! This is going to help A LOT of people!!!!

Megan Tegethoff

Prof. Ermann, Thank you for making these videos. Your online seminar was crucial to understanding the material needed to pass the exam, and also essential for practice after the exam. They were a breeze to get through, informative, and thorough. I was burnt out from months of studying for all of the exams, and not sure I could get through this last one. I am happy to report that I have now completed the ARE! Thanks again.

Jennifer Birks

Hi Michael, Thank you again for the videos. The series is GREAT and I will recommend to all of my friends taking the ARE. I really enjoyed the application of concepts to real life (like the double throw switch…comparison to a wedding venue!). That helped me the most. The pausing and answering questions is AWESOME. It keeps me engaged, rather than just sitting back and glazing over as a video is playing. Thank you!

Kristin Harbert

Hi Michael, I wanted to let you know that I PASSED the Building Systems exam.  This was my last ARE test so I am done.  Thanks so much for your seminar!  I think it definitely gave me the edge on concepts and facilitated a pass result.

Jacob Lauderdale

Professor Ermann, I’m pleased to inform you that I passed the 4.0 BS ARE! Thank you so much for coming up to Anchorage to provide us with your instruction and insights, it was a huge help!

Michael Henricks

I passsedddd, all thanks to you!!!! Thank you so much for encouraging me to take the exam so soon!!!

John Porretto

Hi Professor Ermann. The results came in this morning and I passed! Just wanted to say Thank You for the info you provided me with. The content was pretty clear and concise and obviously had me prepared for a pass. Thanks again and rest assured I will be referring you seminar in the future! I already referred 2 people to your seminar in November.

Kenneth Long

Hey Michael. Just wanted to write that I passed the Building Systems Exam.  I was in your NY AIA class couple weeks ago.  Great class and you kept me awake the entire time.  I am a civil engineer who is now turning architect (since my firm does both) and I could not have passed this exam without your class. Also, I am an adjunct professor.  Your teaching style inspires me.  Loved how you brought us outside and had some real life experience or research study to support everything you taught.

Diogo Santos

Hi from Canada. I passed the exam! I took it within three weeks of the course. I followed your recommended study chart and was able to review the Amber books and slides a couple of times and review many of the MEEB diagrams. Finally, I’m now done all the NCARB exams! Thanks so much.

Vicky Couture

Hey Michael, I PASSED! It’s such a massive relief to never revisit this exam again. When I first started studying, I found that it was so easy to get bogged down in all the things I didn’t know. A lot of the information is stuff hardly discussed in the day-to-day grind at a firm that I felt anxious and weighed down trying to memorize terms of concepts I didn’t really understand to begin with. But that’s where you changed everything! After your seminar, it was like a fog lifted and I understood everything (well, maybe not everything) but a lot of things! MEEB actually seems like a handy resource now and not a scary paperweight. Going through review questions in Kaplan and Ballast seemed almost easy and even if I didn’t know the answer, I could at least figure out what was being asked and go from there. Out of all the exams I have taken so far, BS is one I’ve felt most prepared for. It was as if I finally started speaking NCARB’s language and could break down their questions into things I had learned. I’m so glad I made the trek up to Dallas to attend your seminar. I was SOOO worth it! Thanks for being a fun professor and not cramming our heads until we popped. I assumed that I would be drained after 3 days of BS, but I always walked out feeling refreshed. The way you teach actually sticks. Keep up the amazing work, us architects-to-be are eternally grateful. In those few short days, I was able to learn so much about Building Systems that months of studying alone wouldn’t have prepared me for. I feel incredibly prepared and am without a doubt recommending you to everyone who will listen.

Maria Valdes

Hi Michael, I took your Building Systems seminar at UCLA a couple weeks ago.  I just wanted to let you know that I took the exam last Saturday and got the results today…a PASS!  I wanted to thank you for coming to LA and teaching this seminar, it was well worth the investment.  The test was tough, but I believe the information you provided was enough to boost me over the wall and get through the exam in one try.  This was the shortest amount of time I’ve studied for any ARE, so that was an uncomfortable fact at first but the seminar was a great foundation to just do it.  I actually recommended your seminar to several of the people who were in attendance at UCLA, so I hope they pass too, and I’ll continue to recommend it to anyone preparing for the Building Systems exam.  Only one test left for me! Thanks again.

Mario Quesada