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Hi Professor Ermann, I just received my results for the BS exam and I did in fact pass. Notes from the class and the resources you provided were very helpful. Thanks again for a great class and solid resources! I would recommend taking your class to anyone taking the ARE. There is valuable information in those three days that you will not find in a Kaplan or Ballast study program. Thanks again and good luck with future classes!

Joseph Caputo

Professor Ermann, I have to give you a HUGE thank you for the Building Systems seminar and for encouraging us to take the exam as soon as possible. I tested on July 25, within 2 weeks of taking the class and I just found out that I PASSED!! This is an enormous boost to my testing confidence level. I’ve procrastinated taking this exam, and I’ve been dreading it for many many years.  I can’t thank you enough for your method of teaching, it was exactly what I needed to truly understand and remember this material.  It felt wrong ending the vignette with 7 minutes left, but I had time to finish and review everything twice. Unbelievable! Thanks again for doing what you do. I hope you know how much you are appreciated!

Amanda Sandburg

Hey Prof. Ermann, Just got my exam result today – I passed! I really enjoyed the Amber seminar, and am very glad I took it. Thanks again for your guidance, and keep up the good work with the amber book.

Helen Cheuk

Michael, I wanted to let you know that I passed! Thank you for your time and knowledge. Even if I had not passed, your seminar got me interested in the subject and was what I needed to really understand the concepts.

Kelsey Vusich

Michael, Thanks again for the very helpful Building Systems course a couple weeks ago. I saw “Passed” when it posted yesterday!  Not bad for 8 days total study time.

Travis Mahoney

Hello, I took your seminar at UCLA last month, (I asked if you would sign my book). I took my test on July 28 and received my happy results on August 7th. You have no idea what a relief this is for me I struggled with this test for more than a year and now I’m finally done with the ARE’s! I had a major breakthrough after your class. I used to be focused on knowing the answers to all questions and didn’t really understand the systems. Your class really helped everything I had read about click and help me understand how the systems work and knowing this I was able to answer any question by thinking it through. I am truly grateful that I took your class and I admire your dedication and passion for teaching. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Reyna Ramirez

I took the Building Systems test on Monday August 4th and found out today that I PASSED! Thank you so much for coming to Alaska and sharing your wisdom and time with us, I know at least three of us are eternally grateful. Best wishes on your new school year.

Melanie Mangione

Hi Michael, Thanks again for making the trip to Anchorage this summer. I can already say that I’ve had a few engineer encounters that have made a little more sense since taking your class.  Checked my results this morning to find a PASS!  So, thank you for your class! It made learning/refreshing that material way easier than reading all the study guides for it. And I think/hope it has given me some new insights into how to approach my studying for my remaining exams. Have a good school year.

Ryann Swalling

Mike, I passed. I followed your vinette instructions to the letter and felt very comfortable with my solution. You are an extremly talented professor and the Amber seminar helped me grasp difficult concept that otherwise would have taken me weeks to understand. The seminar reduced my study time immensely. I was skeptical an first, but by the end felt very confident that I was going to pass the exam. A million thank you’s

Jorge Perez

I passed the test. Like I told during your class, I think you’re a great teacher and enjoyed every minute of the class. Thank you.

Jason Villoria

Hi Michael, I wanted to let you that I took the Building Systems exam  and passed.  I did not study prior to your seminar and instead took your advice of focusing on another test, so was studying for Structures up until exam day. To be frank, I wasn’t comfortable at first not going through my usual routine of reading Kaplan, Ballast, doing tons and tons of practice exams, and additional readings.  Prior to BS, I passed 5 exams with this tactic of reading everything and anything there is for each division.  After your seminar, I have a different approach for my last test, BDCS.  Your seminar kept me focused with my studying and my goal was to grasp key concepts.  BS was the first exam I took where I felt like I had been tested on what I studied.  All the others made me feel otherwise, even with the passing results.  The vignette portion of the seminar was extremely helpful too.  I think I would’ve failed if I did not participate in that session since mistakes made during that session were going to be mistakes made on test day had they not been pointed out.  This e-mail is getting a bit long, but I really want to express my gratitude for your seminar.  It was stimulating and taught in a way that made me forget I was studying for an ARE.  I felt like I was in a science class again, which is not a bad thing at all.  People tend to remember facts through experiences.  The props, the group activities, and your humor made the many hours of lecture go by fast.  And when test day came, I didn’t feel the usual pressure of having to pass since I didn’t spend a month studying. Please send me flyers for your next Los Angeles series. Also, if you have any upcoming lectures for New York, I’d like to e-mail them to my graduate school colleagues out there.  Thank you again!!  I’ve been recommending this class to all my colleagues and coworkers.  I really believe taking the test within the first week is key…you do tend to forget things as time progresses.

Natan Apavatjrut

Hello Michael, I took your seminar in DC and finally had the chance to take the test. I am glad I passed and a million thanks to you. I had quite some questions from the content that you showed/ taught and it was very very helpful. But again, very sincerely, Thank you very much!

Deepa Joshi-Gole

I just received notice that I passed the exam! Thanks for your help. You are a great teacher.

Ben Salling

Hi Michael, You’re my new best friend.  I passed!  Going into the test I felt very prepared after reviewing notes from class.  I took the test the Saturday following the workshop. Most importantly, I actually understand the material we went over in class, and I’ve been explaining to all my friends how air conditioners work. Thanks, again!

Rajiv Fernandez

Hi Michael, I wanted to let you that I passed the BS test last week which also happened to be my last ARE test : ) Thank you very much for the great class, I know I wouldn’t have done as well if I hadn’t taken it.  I also found your YouTube videos were very informative and very helpful. I have spread the word about your class to other colleagues of mine who are taking the exams. Thanks again and enjoy the summer!

Lyuba Bakalova