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Hi Michael, Got my results today. It’s a Pass! Thank you very much for your excellent seminar. I will be recommending it to every ARE test taker I meet. In fact, a friend of mine is taking your NY seminar this weekend.

Seth Murray

Michael, I just wanted to let you know that I took the ARE on building systems this past Tuesday. After taking your bootcamp in early May, I felt really prepared going into the exam and felt confident leaving the exam as well. I read and re read the amber book, went through the slides and did a few practice exams before the exam and did the vignette a few more times. . . . .I Passed. Thank you again for everything,

Carlos Gamez

Michael, I wanted to let you know that I passed my exam! Your class was absolutely the main reason I passed (and even felt confident about it!). Thank you so much for offering the class! WORTH IT.

Melissa Knesal

Hi Michael, Thank you for a fantastic class this past weekend. I really appreciated the way you explained everything. Well taught!

B.C.Washington DC seminar

I am so glad I attended your seminar! Very motivated to study and hope to take the exam soon.

Deepa Joshi-Gole

Mike, Just knocked out the exam. Felt like I was overly-prepared on at least 75 of the questions. That was fun.

Everald Colas

Michael, I took your course one year ago and by your advice I took the exam 3 days later, and I PASSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You very much.

Felix Serrano

Hey man. I was in your NoVa group this year. I took the exam about ten days after the class ended. I really should have done it sooner. I passed. I’m a huge systems nerd now. I read MEEB…for fun…it’s just sick. Thanks for everything.

David den Daas

This is Jose from the Washington DC seminar a month ago. I just want to thank you for all your help. And yes! I passed! Thanks a lot

Jose Fortuno

I was a part of your recent weekend seminar in March and just wanted to thank you for helping me pass the BS exam. Much of the material felt overly dense and complicated for me, but you do such a great job of breaking down the concepts, and keeping three 10-hour days stimulating and fun. Wouldn’t have passed without your class.

Brent Locey

Hello Michael, Good news! I was scheduled to take the BS ARE exam soon after your seminar. During the exam, and even after exiting the Prometric Testing Center, I felt very calm. ….I passed this exam! I want to thank you very much for your seminar. Thanks again Michael. Without question, I will strongly recommend your seminar to my colleagues pursuing their ARE’s going forward.

Mario Perez

PASSED! Thanks for your awesome seminar! Definitely helped me to pass. I did not study any material before your seminar. I took the exam 13 days after the seminar and passed. Nuff said! I could not have understood the building systems by just reading about them in the books. I am a visual person so the way you took us outside and made us parts of the system will forever stay with me. I understand the process! I will continue to tell everyone I know that is studying for this exam about your seminars!

Sheila Beach

Michael – I just got my results. I passed the exam. That was my last exam. Once I took your seminar a couple weeks ago, I took the exam three days after and felt well prepared. Thank you for teaching a great seminar. I’ll recommend your seminar to any future Building Systems examinee that crosses my path.

Ranses Galindo

Students are so lucky to have you, your seminar is second to none! I am so glad I came.

Sarit Finkelstein

Dear Professor Ermann, I hope this message finds you well, it is with great satisfaction to inform you that after taking your class on January in the center for architecture NY, I PASSED! I didn’t study as much as I have done for other exams. Thank you so much for your amazing class. And again THANK YOU, this was my last exam, I passed it the first time and now I am a NY RA.

Isabel Bank