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Morning! Wanted to let you know that at 5:45 this morning I finally saw a pass for Building Systems on my ncarb record a month after the seminar. Thank you so much for your seminar and the Amber book. I was terrified of this test and I didn’t need to be after the seminar – passed on my first try! More importantly, I can be a whole lot more competent talking to my engineers. Definitely worth traveling from Pittsburgh to NYC for the weekend!

Nicole Greycar

Michael, I took my exam this past Saturday, and I just received an email notification from NCARB today (literally 30 minutes ago) stating that my exam score has been posted. I passed. I will highly recommend your seminar to my fellow ARE takers, as I felt it really helped to boost my confidence, fortify my weak points, and push me to be an even better architect. Thank you again, your seminar was well worth the invested time and money!

Emily Chen

Hi Michael! I wanted to let you know – I passed Building Systems!! I just found out. Thank you so very much for making me understand so much more than I did before. I think it really helped not only for the exam, but for my practice in general!

Ruth Mandl

Good morning Michael, I got my results today and its a pass! I wish you taught review for another exam, you’re seminar was truly a pleasure and I had a great weekend reviewing in NYC. Thanks again!

Regina Lento

I would like to personally thank you for the informative ARE Building Systems Seminar last month in NYC. After hearing great things about your seminar I made the call to travel from Kansas City for your course in NYC. After taking your advice on scheduling the test as soon as possible I was able to take my Building Systems test on September 6th. I just found out last Thursday that I passed (6 day NCARB turnaround!). This was my last ARE test and it had been giving me trouble (taken 2 times). I’m now a licensed Architect in Kansas. Once again, thank you so much for the informative seminar. You teach the course in a way that allows all of the information that could be on the test to stay with you. I really enjoy how you presented the seminar and will recommend it to the other staff members in our firm. Hope your school year goes well at VT.

Travis Palangi

Hi Professor Ermann! I’m the girl who came from Dallas to the NYC seminar. Wanted to let you know I took the exam this past Tuesday and found out I passed it today! Thank you for all of your help! It was my last exam and now I’m finishing up all the paperwork for licensure! Thanks again for all of your help!

Morgan Newman

Michael, Before I took the class, I had found it very difficult to prioritize the study material. I felt overwhelmed by all the charts and the wide range of subjects. The large number of graphs obscured any understanding I could have of the concepts. It was intimidating. The best part about the material as you covered it was that it suddenly became accessible, the fundamentals were clear and the way concepts were represented in the charts, graphs and formulas was finally evident. Thanks again! I am so glad I took the class, I have confidence I would not have had otherwise. Thank you, Michael!

Fé Rodríguez Márquez

Hi Michael, I was one of the lucky souls who attended your seminar a few months ago in New Orleans. I just wanted to follow up and thank you. About five years ago I had taken all the sections and passed all but one. I had been putting off retaking Building Systems for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t until I saw that you were coming to New Orleans that I realized it was time to get back on the horse. Your seminar restored my confidence and your recommendation to take the exam immediately was the right call. I passed. I’m certain I would have not passed without your guidance and advice. I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the exceptional work. Your students are in excellent hands.

Steven Arroyo

Michael,I took and PASSED the Building Systems exam just prior to the ARE black-out period. Thank you so much! (I took your weekend seminar in NYC.) Your seminar was a real inspiration, and a pleasure to sit through on a summer weekend. From that day forward, I will always begin all design work with a passive strategy in mind. I really appreciated the “questions to ask your engineer” portion of your lectures. After working in this field for over 20 years and feeling jaded, your seminar refreshed my batteries and inspired me to keep pursuing new design knowledge. Hope all is well, and thanks again!

Manny Machado

Hi Michael! Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer. I just wanted to thank you again for teaching the BS seminar! I passed the exam, and know it was largely because of the your amazing seminar and the Amber book! I really can’t thank you enough.

Chloe Csadenyi-Benson

Hi Prof Ermann, I received the PASS letter a few days ago. The AMBER Book and your seminar was EXTREMELY helpful. Looking back, I really enjoyed your seminar. Your explanations and enthusiasm (and skillful teaching) on these so called mundane MEP topics was infectious. I never thought Building Systems would have any lasting impression but I truly have a new found appreciation for it. Thank you for your dedication to teaching.

Margaret Kim

Hello Michael, My name is Francis Sun and I attended your BS class in New Orleans in early June. I am happy to let you know that I passed the BS exam. I received my letter yesterday. I want to thank you for all your help. Your class helped me out immensely. I will definitely pass on the information regarding your class to my colleagues who are in the process of the exam. Again thank you.

Francis Sun

Hi Michael, I am happy to report to you that I passed the Building Systems exam. I took the exam 3 weeks after your seminar in Dallas. I am positive that your Building Systems seminar played a huge role in that success. Thank you very much for traveling around the country and teaching the Building Systems topics in such a simple and fun, but eye-opening way. I also thoroughly enjoyed your brief presentations at the beginning of each class and to start the afternoon sessions after lunch. Even though the seminar is described as an exam prep course, your thorough knowledge on the subjects and excellent teaching skills have ingrained the topics and concepts to where I feel like I will never forget them. I have recommended your seminar to 2 other colleagues and will do the same to anyone needing the take to Building Systems Exam. With Genuine Appreciation,

David McMillin

I passed my test. Thanks for a great seminar. I mentally walked through some of our stand up exercises at least once when answering the questions. It helped.

Christie Echols

Hi Michael, I attended your lecture in SoCal a few weeks back and just found out that I passed the exam! Your lecture was very helpful!

Jason Herber