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ARE 5.0
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Prof. Ermann, I was a student in your seminar in March and couldn’t be more happy to tell you that I passed the Building Systems exam. After taking your seminar I truly felt 100% confident that I was ready to sit for the exam. I practiced the tricks for the vignette and reviewed the topics you told us to review in class but other than that I didn’t study day and night. When I sat for the exam I visualized some of the concepts you showed us in the seminar and it really helped me…I even drew some of them on the scratch paper. I want to thank you for encouraging me to take your seminar. I truly believe that it cut my studying time, the stress of studying, and the anxiety of sitting for this exam in half. I had 100% confidence going into this exam which I have never felt on any of the other exams I have taken. This was my last exam so I was thrilled to receive the PASS letter and receive notification from the state that I am officially licensed. Thank you for helping me complete that chapter in my career and start the next one as a licensed architect.

Casey Dowgiert

Hi Michael, I just got my BS result and it is a PASS and I am done! I just want to thank you for a great seminar. I will definitely recommend you to others. You are simply awesome!

Karin Yang

Michael, I just wanted to drop you a note and say that I passed. I hadn’t studied at all for Bldg Sys before your seminar on March 8-10. But I felt so confident coming out of it that I scheduled the exam for March 18. Your class was extremely helpful. Anyway, thank you for your help. I’m studying for the last exam right now. Almost done!

Pete Garofalo

Michael, I took my exam 2 weeks after your course and just got my results that I passed. Your course covered 70% of my questions. I thought I could have failed this part but passed. Thank you again for your course and assistance in passing my exam.

Tammy Davis

Michael, I did pass the ARE Building Systems portion of the Exam. I would like to thank you for the seminar, and for the presentation of an enormous volume of material in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. Your explanations of the compression/ refrigeration cycle, HVAC system types, and the differences between single-phase and three-phase electrical services explained these processes more clearly than any other presentation or illustration I have come across, both in my education and in almost 20 years of construction project management and architecture. The vignette tutorial was most helpful in avoiding the very simple mistakes that can cause an otherwise qualified individual from a passing the Building Systems Exam. I have, and will continue to recommend your seminar to everyone preparing for the Building Systems Exam.

Brad Evans

Michael, I just took the exam yesterday and I am happy because I didn’t think it was that bad compared to when I first took it. The exam was very straight forward and your class definitely helped me tremendously!! Your class was extremely valuable and it seemed like some of our discussions we focused on was directly on the test! The calculations on the power point presentation was very helpful to prepare me for the type of calculations on the test. The first time I took the test I couldn’t finish the exam and this time I had a little time to check things over.

Dena Spiro-Penna

Professor Ermann, I Just wanted to let you know I passed the BS ARE exam. I really enjoyed the seminar and just wanted to say thank you for providing such an exceptional learning experience. I think this was actually my favorite exam to study for, in particular the heat transfer and air infiltration aspects as i do a lot of envelope detailing in my office. Your seminar helped boil down a large amount of material into clear and concise concepts which was a massive help when undertaking this particular test.

David Moore

I just received my pass letter in the mail last night. Your seminar was a huge help, and demystified a lot of topics for me. Beyond the test, it’s been a real professional benefit. I’m already recommending your next seminar to all of my coworkers! Thanks so much!

Scott Hines

I just received my Building Systems score today, and I passed! Looking back, I think your seminar gave me a solid understanding of the fundamentals for HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing, and also basically everything I needed to know for the exam about Lighting. Thanks for a great class. I can tell you really love teaching, and I’ve been recommending the class to anyone who will listen.

Alanna Talty

This [Youtube “how air conditioning works” animation series] is SOOO GOOD, exponentially better than anything else I’ve seen. Amazing, this is how great teaching is done. Beautiful!

Youtube viewer

I took your Building Systems review course and just got my pass letter today. This was a retake for me, after taking your course I realized why I failed it the first time around. The class was beyond helpful and the Amber Book a fantastic study tool, can’t thank you enough! I’ll be sure to continue to recommend your course to my friends and colleagues. Thanks Again!

Harriet Andronikides

I wanted to thank you and let you know that I passed the BS test. I am really glad I [flew in from California and] attended the course in NY, it was very helpful. The “live” explanations about current and the refrigeration cycle were huge and I think that helped me understand the concepts. In general, I thought that most of the concepts [covered in the exam] were covered during the workshop.

Katia McClain

I finally took the Building Systems Test and ended up passing on the first try. Thanks a bunch. I think your course was great.

John Prather

I have to tell you, your course was instrumental in passing, and not just for BS.I am not a good test taker, never have been, and your course helped me get past the “impending” test and focus the material we were covering.Once I stopped trying to pass a test and start trying to be a competent architect I started retaining the information.I am grateful . . .and the 2 other guys in our office who are not licensed yet will be hounded by me until they take your course.

Ben Jones

Thank you very much for the past weekend’s instruction and entertaining lectures. I’ve not been exposed to such an engaging speaker to-date and especially under such conditions – teaching architects what engineers took 4,5,6 years to understand in 3 days. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on my test experience.

Marisa Schaffer

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