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I took your Building Systems review course and just got my pass letter today. This was a retake for me, after taking your course I realized why I failed it the first time around. The class was beyond helpful and the Amber Book a fantastic study tool, can’t thank you enough! I’ll be sure to continue to recommend your course to my friends and colleagues. Thanks Again!

Harriet Andronikides

I wanted to thank you and let you know that I passed the BS test. I am really glad I [flew in from California and] attended the course in NY, it was very helpful. The “live” explanations about current and the refrigeration cycle were huge and I think that helped me understand the concepts. In general, I thought that most of the concepts [covered in the exam] were covered during the workshop.

Katia McClain

I finally took the Building Systems Test and ended up passing on the first try. Thanks a bunch. I think your course was great.

John Prather

I have to tell you, your course was instrumental in passing, and not just for BS.I am not a good test taker, never have been, and your course helped me get past the “impending” test and focus the material we were covering.Once I stopped trying to pass a test and start trying to be a competent architect I started retaining the information.I am grateful . . .and the 2 other guys in our office who are not licensed yet will be hounded by me until they take your course.

Ben Jones

Thank you very much for the past weekend’s instruction and entertaining lectures. I’ve not been exposed to such an engaging speaker to-date and especially under such conditions – teaching architects what engineers took 4,5,6 years to understand in 3 days. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on my test experience.

Marisa Schaffer

I wanted to let you know I did pass my exam after taking your seminar in NYC. Thank you for the help! The class was very beneficial!

Danielle Haynay Cerone

Thank you so much for giving the seminar this weekend. You are really a phenomenal teacher and cleared up a lot of- what i thought would be- tough material. I wish I had you for Building Systems in school! I am feeling very confident about the test, so thanks again.

Sara Murray

A [“How Air Conditioning Works” Youtube] video that explains it in layman’s terms, then expands upon that as it goes. Genius really.

Youtube username Kngpin41

Also wanted to let you know that thanks to you I passed Building Systems!!! I passed on the first attempt after your seminar, and a colleague did too on his third attempt for his last exam, nearing the 5 yr. limit. So great job! I honestly felt like it was a fabulous class. The way you explained exam material made it easy for me to understand concepts I was having trouble comprehending.


Your class was for me certainly the key to passing. I think your explanations of the refrigeration cycle, heat loss and gain, and electrical matters generally (lamp types specifically) were breakthroughs for me in a mass of material that – of all the sections – was least familiar. I also appreciated your insistent emphasis on energy efficiency and new technologies/approached across all of the disciplines. I taught (history of architecture) for some years and have a special appreciation for what it takes – you are an exceptional teacher

Derek Moore

I am happy to report that I just received my pass letter for the building systems exam. I took the exam three weeks after taking your seminar in New Orleans. Just wanted to thank you for all your help! It was a great seminar. I think your seminar was the one thing I did different that allowed me to pass this exam!

Erik Singman

Fantastic [animation]! and the slow-paced narration gives me just enough time to absorb whatever you have explained before introducing the next point! Thank you!

Youtube user “Bonsgunify”

Thank you for hosting a great seminar. I really enjoyed your class. Your format of focused ARE content and variety of teaching methods has helped a great deal in allowing me better understand difficult topics. In addition, the analysis and photos of your recent projects provided visual context for grasping building system principles.

Tim Cruz

I took the exam on 23rd July and received the letter yesterday. It’s a PASS!! I am so happy and relieved. This was a retake for me. Your Prep Seminar in NYC helped immensely in this PASS. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I have posted a thread on the forum:–-Passed!!

Saurabh Govekar

I just received my pass letter! Thanks to Michael and to all at the seminar!

Yildiz Duransoy