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Thanks for the amazing seminar. I really had no clue of where to start studying for that exam, and your class made a world of a difference. Not only was I prepared enough to pass the exam, but I feel better as a design professional with the building systems information learned. The refresher from this course will really help me make smarter design decisions moving forward.

Julia Ellrod

I wanted to follow up and let you know that I PASSED!! Thank you for taking the time to teach your course. You really helped me to understand what is actually happening with electricity and HVAC systems and not just memorize facts. The conceptual understanding was instrumental! I will absolutely recommend your course to my colleagues.


I just received the good news and am very giddy. PASS! Thanks so much for you informative class and one-of-a kind teaching style. I’ll recommend your class to anyone who will listen.

Shannon Brown

Many thanks for your insightful, engaging, confidence-building, and not to mention, informative, seminar. Using real-world examples for context and the role-playing we did to understand the counter-intuitive concepts of HVAC and electrical was key. Things finally “clicked.” I wish I could go back to school and take one of your courses for a semester!

Jennifer Gurney

Thank you, Michael, and everyone at the seminar. This was actually my 4th try and you guys made it possible for me to pass!


I have passed and it was my final exam!!! It took me 4 years, while working full time and had two children in the meantime. So, the feeling is great as you can imagine! I found your course to extremely helpful and pretty much fundamental to my passing. I enjoyed it very much and felt confident when I went in.

Clementina Ruggieri

I received the results from my BS exam yesterday. I feel that the exam prep class and good participation by all of the students greatly helped me achieve my PASS-ing grade. Thanks Michael and everyone.

Brett Hutchinson

I attended the class in NYC. My results were a pass, so you can put another one on the board. Thanks again, and I will recommend your class to colleagues.

Daniel Rogers

I took the exam on the Wednesday following the seminar. I had not studied at ALL before your class, so I only studied the Monday and Tuesday after the class. I credit my entire pass to your class. I really felt you helped me UNDERSTAND the concepts rather than memorize them. Which was your goal as I recall. Funny, when I was taking the exam, I was thinking “I must have gotten an easy one, this is not that bad!”


I really enjoyed your class! I took the exam this Monday. I felt really confident on the electrical, plumbing, acoustic, lighting and HVAC questions.

Christian Ricci

Your seminar ROCKS! It’s amazing how you can explain everything in such simple way. I highly recommended it to all my friends and colleagues that are going through the same process. [Then one month later. . . ]Just got my pass letter yesterday. I am glad that I took your seminar, which really was the best thing I did to prepare for this exam.

Fang Kuei-Chen

I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that I took the Building Systems Exam on March 5th and just recently heard back that I passed it!! I’m pretty excited about this and so glad that I don’t have to take that beast of an exam over again. I took your seminar in NYC in early January so I simply wanted to say “Thank you!!”

Deanna Buckman

I took your ARE Building Systems Seminar in New York early this year. I took the test in mid February– my third try and the last exam. I received the pass letter this week. I couldn’t have put things together without attending your class. Thank you very much.


I took your Building Systems class in January at the Center for Architecture and I wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that I passed! Thank you again for coming to NYC to teach. I really learned a lot in the class and I feel that I have a much better understanding of Building Systems overall (not just in relation to the ARE).

Jessica Sheridan

After failing the Building Systems code section I felt I needed to boost my confidence before a second attempt. Michael’s seminar was a great review on the major topics of the exam. Two weeks after the seminar I retook the exam and this time I passed! Thanks for coming to New York City!

Carolyn M.