ARE 4.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 4.0
(7 exams to licensure)

ARE 4.0 / 5.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 4.0 / 5.0
(5 exams to licensure)

ARE 5.0 Path to Licensure

ARE 5.0
(6 exams to licensure)

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The Amber Book
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Upcoming Live Seminars

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Info & Tips

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Tips for the
ARE 5.0 Transition

It’s a pass! Second attempt and it was, dare I say, comfortable and easy this time around because of your course. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Constance Rosado

Just received my results and I passed! Thank you thank you thank you. As this was my 2nd time taking the exam, I know I could not have done it without your seminar. YOU are a great teacher.

Michael Varland

I just saw my exam report. It is a pass. I would really like to thank you for the Amber tutorial, which is the only material I went through. I can’t believe I passed it only after three weeks studying period. This video is super efficient 🙂

Xuan Feng

THANK YOU. I used the Amber Book for my second shot at the Building Systems exam, the last of the series I needed to pass, and I attribute my passing grade solely to your course. My first time around I used Ballast, MEEB and everything in between and came up short, but 3 weeks of watching videos (which is insanely helpful for a visual learner like myself) did the trick. I would certainly suggest to this course to anyone looking to take and pass the Building Systems exam, I only wish I knew of it the first time around!! Thank you again!

Robert Ruggiero

Thank you for this course. It almost covered everything needed to pass the exam. I found the pace, the variety, the visuals, etc very helpful for learning quickly and retaining the knowledge. The vignette tutorial took away a lot of my anxiety about it. I was nervous about taking this exam because it was my first, and because I haven’t worked in an architectural firm before (have been working for years in green building consulting firm). This exam seemed like the best starting point for me given my experience, but I still had a lot of ground to cover with plumbing, acoustics, electricity, fire systems and other specialties. I was looking for a method of studying that was going to get me through the exam, tell me what to look for and what to pay attention to, and just how to pass. Yours was the best I’ve taken, and I passed on my first attempt back in November! Thanks


Waleed A.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my PASS exam result this morning and wanted to say thank you for putting together such great material for studying. Not only was the material incredibly informative and completely prepared me for the exam, but was also interesting and enjoyable. The content was perfectly tailored to the questions that I received during testing and have also helped my level of comprehension/understanding of day-to-day tasks and consultant coordination at work. I have nothing but great things to say about your material and have already recommended it to coworkers and former classmates. Thanks again!

Jay Bills

I passed the exam due to your seminar. So far, it’s been the only portion of the ARE where the studying the material actually felt useful and relevant to the practice. I followed your advice and watched the videos over the ten days before the exam. I was extraordinarily skeptical this would work, but felt well prepared once the test questions began. Best wishes and sincere thanks!

Jenny S.

I found out today it is a PASS!!! Thank you so much for creating these videos, they are worth GOLD. I had very little knowledge on building systems prior to studying for this exam and I have to say Mr. Ermann’s great ability to explain and engage his viewers on this often abstract & tedious material is invaluable. Thanks you again! Keep up the excellent work!

Emma Colon

I just wanted to say thank you soooooo much for your AWESOME videos! I just got my pass for BS yesterday! You make this material so much more interesting to understand.

Nicole Cavanaugh

I cannot overstate the importance of  this course. I purchased the online seminar in preparation of retaking BDS nearly one year after I failed it. The information provided is current, relevant and the principles outlined are critical to understanding and passing this exam. Michael presented this seminar in an easy-going manner and I appreciate his approach. Just received my passing results this morning and needless to say, am thrilled. I highly recommend this seminar to any and all preparing for this ARE section.

Aimee Zielinski

I was so upset after i finished my exam, it was so hard and the vignette was kind of difficult as well. Today I received my pass on the exam, thank you so much for putting together such good videos that helped me to understand better my buildings not only for the exam but for my professional life.


Ivan Heredia

Just wanted to thank you for the amber course. It was invaluable to helping me pass (BS was my last test and I’ve since become licensed), especially since I was burnt out on having my head in a book 20 hours a week for over a year. Thanks again.

Erick R.

I passed!!!! Thank you so much for your lectures. I passed this exam on the first try!! I just stuck to your video and studied the video repeatedly. The lectures are super valuable and brilliant. I also got some BS question in SPD exam which I took together and passed too. THANKS again!

Song Han

Thank you so much for this course! I sat for the exam last Thursday after about two and half weeks of prep using your online seminar. I started with my same old materials a few weeks prior and didn’t feel like I was making any meaningful headway. I felt pretty in control during the exam but I was so afraid I hadn’t done enough to prepare! This was the shortest amount of study time I’ve given myself out of the 6 tests I have passed. Happy to say I received my PASS this morning! Thanks again for all of the help!

Sam Pruitt

Your videos were a total eye opener. I don’t think I ever experienced the level of concept understanding as clearly as Michael teaches it. These videos will make me think differently moving forward in regards to any application of architecture. Thank you for all your help and I do look forward to the next seminar.

Matteo Rapallini-Hough

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