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I was so upset after i finished my exam, it was so hard and the vignette was kind of difficult as well. Today I received my pass on the exam, thank you so much for putting together such good videos that helped me to understand better my buildings not only for the exam but for my professional life.


Ivan Heredia

Just wanted to thank you for the amber course. It was invaluable to helping me pass (BS was my last test and I’ve since become licensed), especially since I was burnt out on having my head in a book 20 hours a week for over a year. Thanks again.

Erick R.

I passed!!!! Thank you so much for your lectures. I passed this exam on the first try!! I just stuck to your video and studied the video repeatedly. The lectures are super valuable and brilliant. I also got some BS question in SPD exam which I took together and passed too. THANKS again!

Song Han

Thank you so much for this course! I sat for the exam last Thursday after about two and half weeks of prep using your online seminar. I started with my same old materials a few weeks prior and didn’t feel like I was making any meaningful headway. I felt pretty in control during the exam but I was so afraid I hadn’t done enough to prepare! This was the shortest amount of study time I’ve given myself out of the 6 tests I have passed. Happy to say I received my PASS this morning! Thanks again for all of the help!

Sam Pruitt

Your videos were a total eye opener. I don’t think I ever experienced the level of concept understanding as clearly as Michael teaches it. These videos will make me think differently moving forward in regards to any application of architecture. Thank you for all your help and I do look forward to the next seminar.

Matteo Rapallini-Hough

Just wanted to share the good news I got this morning – its’ a MEPasssssssss 🙂 First try! Followed your instructions and took the test after 3 weeks of watching your videos. Did not study anything else. Thank you!!!!!! Totally worth in terms of quality education and time spent on studying. I really understand how building systems work and the strategies to make our building more environmentally-friendly.

Irina Mitina

Amber Seminar is the best of all the online videos that I’ve found. Not to mention that the content is great, sharp and easy to understand and memorize. What impressed me the most was actually their attitude towards creating the best online seminar. They are not recording live seminars and just reselling it online. And they spend a lot of time putting together all the graphics, diagrams and small flash. It’s so much better than just hearing the teacher describing a thing by words only. And the real exam uses graphics too instead of sentences to test the applicant so you get how important it is to get familiar with images. I really appreciate all the experiments that Michael did at the lab to explain the concepts. As a designer who makes video from time to time, I know it takes time and is not easy.

Lynn Liu

I took it and passed it.  I am already registered as that was my last one!!!  I felt prepared, my only struggle was time but I was able to finish and double check.  The headache was huge afterwards but a relief to have it done. Thanks for the support, your class was really critical to be able to achieve the results with so little study time.

Maria R.

Just wanted to let you know I received my PASS for Building Systems using the Amber Book!  Thank you for helping make that exam study time quick and successful for me. I will recommend it to anyone taking this exam.  Thanks again.

Adam Zingrone

Thank you for your online seminar! I took my exam a couple weeks after completing the videos and just found out that I passed! This exam was the one I was dreading the most as I felt the least familiar with the content on this exam compared to the other exams. After trying to read through Kaplan & Ballast, I knew I needed something that presented the information in a way that was simple and easy to understand, and your videos did just that. Now I only have two exams left. Thank you once again!

Christopher Stelly

Michael, Thank you for the seminar / videos—they were very informative. Also, I received the “pass” notice today—so I can say they a big thanks for that! I watched the videos at my own pace once; then within a few days/hours before the exam I watched them all again and I found that method very helpful.

Brandon Young

Just received word on Friday that I passed the Building Systems ARE (first time I’d taken it). The Amber videos were fantastic, and I particularly found the vignette strategy to be a very very helpful way to make best use of the allotted time. Thanks to your entire team!

Nate Rogers

Hi Michael, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me access to the videos. Your videos guided me through the materials very smoothly. They made the materials easy to understand. I went to the exam with more confidence than when I left. My version of the exam looked hard to me (the multiple choice questions of it, not the vignette). There were a lot of question that required calculations of 5-7 steps which took plenty of time. I just received my score report now and I’m happy to say that I PASSED! Thanks again. Appreciate all the help.

Wisam Aldabbagh

Hi Amber Team, I am happy to let you know that I passed the BS test and this completed the 7 ARE tests for me!! My friend who signed up with me is thrilled to know that taking this seminar helped me so much. I will gladly promote this seminar as much as I can. Not only was the information during the seminar great, but the customer service you all exhibited during the whole process has been outstanding. Thank you again!

Blair Bricken

First off, I passed!! Yay!!  I graduated from architecture school 12 years ago and only had about 4 years of actual experience as an intern with architecture firms before I headed down an ‘alternative’ career path. So, needless to say, I had not thought about MEP and other building systems in a long time. After reviewing Kaplan and Ballast, which is my usual MO when studying for exams, I realized I needed some additional help. The Amber seminar was exactly what I needed to bring it all together and drive home those basic concepts. It would have taken me many more weeks, and maybe even months, to absorb all the info necessary for this test without taking your seminar. I followed your advice and, after watching the videos through twice (taking careful notes the second time that I reviewed a couple times later), I scheduled my exam. I also skimmed and reviewed diagrams in much of the MEEB book, and I took all the practice tests I had access to multiple times—which were all instrumental to my success. Though the exam was very challenging and I left not sure whether I had passed or failed, I have to say, there were definitely several questions that I confidently knew the answers to thanks to your videos, and am pretty sure I would not have otherwise. Anyway, thanks again! I’m onto my very last exam and close to finally being able to call myself an architect.

Murrye Bernard