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ARE 4.0 / 5.0
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ARE 5.0
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Michael!!! I passed BS!!! I can’t believe it!!! I can’t thank you enough. I LOVED your course! Not only did it help to get me to pass but it was really fun to watch. I went to grad school for user experience and learned a lot about graphics, font, and how to present information in a clear way so I appreciated every second of those videos and how much work they took to make. I was admiring the font the whole time. I’m going to post on the NCARB Facebook page right now about how much I loved your product.  Also, do you really have another series coming out in the fall for BCBS? If so, I might leave that exam for last. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are such a good teacher!!!

Courtney Rombough

I passed, thanks to your videos.  I had been unsuccessfully studying for months, desperately trying to memorize the concepts of mechanical heating and cooling and electricity to no avail.  Then, I spent 28 hours with the Amber videos and book and passed!  Whoopie!

I thoroughly credit Micheal Ermann and easy-to-comprehend and interesting videos.

Alexis Knepp

Hi Mike –Happy new year! I’ve been slammed since getting back to work after the holidays, but wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my Christmas present came early – I found out on 12/24 that I passed the Systems exam. Many thanks for the great workshop – it prepared me very well for the exam, but probably more importantly, gave me a fundamental understanding of many concepts that I’d never really grasped in systems class in school. That will be useful for the rest of my career, and I thank you for that.


Christian Mueller

Your seminar was instrumental in giving me the knowledge and confidence to pass the Building Systems exam back in March. I’m very grateful to this day.

Ryan Coffield

Just referred a friend to sign up for your building systems seminar this weekend! I told him how helpful your human diagrams were in understanding hvac and other concepts! It sure did help me pass the exam!! Anyways, thanks for doing these seminars!

Krista Bennett

I only used your class as my study material and felt very well prepared to take the test. It’s been almost 15 years since I graduated from College and I feel that your class taught me the cliff notes version of everything I should have learned in school but was never taught or forgot since then.  I’d recommend your course to anyone attempting to take the BS portion of the exam.  It was great! Just wish I would have had a teacher like Michael when I was in school!

Laura Michela

I PASSED!!! I passed it on the first try!!! Thanks to Michael’s’ awesome videos and his teaching method. It helped me tremendously, not only on the exam but also in the real professional practice.

Som Iempinyo

Thank you again for making the seminar available to candidates, the videos were very instrumental to my success. The course was fantastic in the way that it turned dry information into an effective learning experience. The examples were great because it related photographs and demonstrations to building systems and concepts which made it easier to remember the information.

Danny Thai

Found out yesterday I passed Building Systems and am now done with the ARE! Your videos were informative, easy to follow, and much more enjoyable than studying from a book. Thanks again.

Devin Bushey

I passed. I felt I was well prepared for the test. I was very pleased with the videos; they were very good and I don’t know if I could have studied the information in that short of time without them.  They were a pleasure to watch, which is no small accomplishment with some of the subject matter. Thanks again for the great class and I look forward to seeing more good research.

Cody Farris

The test went great, exam probably felt easier than all of the other exams. Your videos were top notch! Thanks for putting so much effort into communicating the ideas in a clear, concise manner and your great production value. I’m now done, 7/7 with no fails!


Hi Michael,

I passed! Yay! Taking the seminar was really instrumental in me passing. I did not gain the necessary understanding or confidence from simply reading the text. I have and will continue to recommend your seminar to anyone that brings up that fact that they are testing, as it was recommend to me by at least 3 coworkers and I am very happy that I took their advice.  

Sabrina Nunes

Just found out I passed!  Thanks so much!  You covered an impressive amount of material in the 3 days, it definitely made a tremendous difference.

Kathleen Vogelsang

Hi Amber, I took and passed the exam. Thank you a lot for your material. Very informative and worthy tutorial!!!

Hao Wu

Just wanted to say a quick thank you! Found out yesterday I passed Building Systems and am now done with the ARE! Your videos were informative, easy to follow, and much more enjoyable than studying from a book. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Devin Bushey

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