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The test went great, exam probably felt easier than all of the other exams. Your videos were top notch! Thanks for putting so much effort into communicating the ideas in a clear, concise manner and your great production value. I’m now done, 7/7 with no fails!


Hi Michael,

I passed! Yay! Taking the seminar was really instrumental in me passing. I did not gain the necessary understanding or confidence from simply reading the text. I have and will continue to recommend your seminar to anyone that brings up that fact that they are testing, as it was recommend to me by at least 3 coworkers and I am very happy that I took their advice.  

Sabrina Nunes

Just found out I passed!  Thanks so much!  You covered an impressive amount of material in the 3 days, it definitely made a tremendous difference.

Kathleen Vogelsang

Hi Amber, I took and passed the exam. Thank you a lot for your material. Very informative and worthy tutorial!!!

Hao Wu

Just wanted to say a quick thank you! Found out yesterday I passed Building Systems and am now done with the ARE! Your videos were informative, easy to follow, and much more enjoyable than studying from a book. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Devin Bushey

Hey Michael -I passed today!  I definitely got a lot of questions that I wouldn’t have had I not taken your class. Thanks again for the great course. 

Drew Stuart

I just passed Building Systems and thanks to the Amber Book lectures I felt extremely prepared during the test! I only had three weeks to study (two weekends) and the Amber lectures made all the difference.  I watched the lectures slowly through once then re-watched them the weekend before.  Other than that I did some practice exams but it was the Amber lectures that made all the difference.  I would recommend the lectures to anyone taking Building Systems. Thanks again for the great class!

Mia Zinni

Just wanted to let you know I took the BS on Friday and passed. Much thanks to you!

Catherine Mahoney-Myron

I got the news that I passed my building systems exam today! I have you and your videos to blame. I was more than prepared for the test and the knowledge I had made the test seem like nothing to worry about. Thanks for making these videos and helping so many people pass the ARE exam. I’ve got two more to go and with I could do them all with your helpful videos. Thanks again!

Matthew Nicholson

I received my passing grade this morning!  This was the final ARE exam I needed to pass.  I found the videos (especially the diagrams) to be very useful and easy to understand.  I will be sure to pass along my recommendation to peers about your service.

Chris Nienhueser

If you are looking to pass BS within 3 weeks, I highly recommend the Amber Book video series.  The production quality of Michael Ermann’s video series is fantastic.  Not to mention, it was super easy-to-follow, memorable, and well-paced. He often uses relatable analogies to simplify the content and his lecture style feels more like a highly informative dialogue.  It’s the best ARE study replacement out there. Also, if you decide to buy the vignette grading option, you will likely be glad you did. Expect a fast turn-around time (within 5 weekdays or less – in my case, next day). I would even consider the Amber series to be relevant subject matter for practicing professionals who are looking to fine-tune their craft. 

Amy Melin

I just wanted to say thank you. I took the BS test for the first time, and was able to pass on the first try! I was able to study other material for a few weeks, and then watched the videos the week before the exam. I felt more confident than I had about all the other exams coming out. It was certainly a refreshing way to study as opposed to just reading everything from MEEB and other sources. One more to go! Thanks again! The course was worth every penny!

Jeff Porter

Michael, I passed the building systems exam! Your online seminar not only helped my confidence for the test a tremendous amount, but it was also one of the most fascinating classes I have ever taken part in. I will not forget it.

Gentry Kowall

I wanted to let you know that I passed the Building Systems 4.0 exam and am very thankful for your help in doing so!  Your videos made the subject matter and theoretical concepts so much more understandable. This was the last of the ARE exams for me and I can officially file my paperwork for my initial license.  I’m really excited to be finished, can’t wait to celebrate, and finally get going on the next stage of my architecture and construction management career.  Be on the lookout for more customers from Hawaii in the weeks and months ahead because I’m already spreading the word. Wishing you all the best and continued success! And again, thank you for the education.  I appreciate it. 

Joe Lynch

Hello Michael, I never got a chance to take your courses at Virginia Tech, but I remember you well. I just passed BS after taking your video course and I wanted to let you know how helpful it was. The videos are interesting and fun to watch, but most importantly: they cut down on my study time dramatically! I was able to take and pass this exam in about a quarter of the time it’s taken me on the other four exams I’ve taken in the past. The interludes where you hold and show actual products were especially helpful. Thank you for putting the time and attention into this. It shows.

Kashuo Bennett