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Michael, A belated thanks for the great seminar. I’m happy to report that I took the exam 5 days after your seminar and passed the test. I very much enjoyed your seminar. Thanks for making this material interesting and enjoyable.


Michael, Thanks for a great seminar it was awesome and the test now seems a ton less daunting! 

Ryan Campbell

Hi Michael, Just wanted to convey the good news — I passed!  The class was invaluable and I’ll recommend it to anyone I can.

Laura Carter

Hi! I just wanted to send a quick thank you note – I PASSED the building systems exam on the 26th. I actually failed my first attempt at this exam (darn vignette!). The online course definitely helped me focus and feel much calmer going in to both portions of the exam. Thank you for this service! I will definitely be recommending to any colleagues that have this hurdle left. 


Michael, I took the Building Systems test a week ago, and got my Pass notification today. The seminar was very helpful, and I greatly appreciate it! I’m also recommending it to anyone who cares to read my recommendations. The most important thing, though, is that I not only enjoyed the seminars, but they helped me pass. Thanks again.

Andy Olson

Hey Prof & team – I appeared for the exam on the 6th of April and found out recently that i passed it – yayyyyyyy!!!!!! SUPER stoked!. Overall I took your advice on not studying any other material – other than the MEEB diagrams and the NCARB guide – and watching the lectures a couple times (picked up alot more information on the second time) along with taking extensive notes. Your way of teaching and explaining every concept to its basic details really works – along with your way of encouragement where i was able to feel confident about knowing much more than i thought i did – esp after having failed building systems twice before. I just wanted to send a thank you note as this was my third time appearing for the exam and this time around i felt like i could really pull from the concepts you had covered in the lectures – and have a logic to follow – this is invaluable to me. Onto BDCS and Schematic design for me! Thanks once again!


Dear Amber Team, Just want to let you know that I have passed the BS division.  The online videos and the amber book are all very helpful. Thanks a lot!

Eddie Chou

Hi Michael, Thank you for making this videos. I just found out I passed the exam in first try – watched your videos 2x on some & 3x on some finishing the week of my exam + meeb diagrams as you suggested. I am glad I took this course, I could not made it without your videos. You are a blessing!!

Mark Villasin

Hello, I just got a pass for Building Systems today. Thank you for the great videos! I watched them and only supplemented them with the Archiflash app. The videos were enjoyable to watch and made studying for the exam a lot easier than if I had tried to read the information. Thank you! I will be recommending your videos to my coworkers!

Bonny Nichol

I really like your videos, they are not just good for the exam, but also useful for practice and getting the basic concepts correct. Thank you so much.

Joice Kuo

Hi Michael! Just wanted to share the good news that I passed my Building Systems test on my first try. I studied mainly from your videos after reading the relevant chapters in the ARE Review Manual. Took me about 14 days to study. Of those 14 days, I spent the last 8 just on your videos. Your videos were extremely helpful and helped me fully understand the concepts. I only have 1 more test to go! Thank you so much!!

Alexandra Wirshing

Hi! So I just want to send you an email telling you I PASSED my Building Systems exam! This is such a relief. Your videos were so helpful, I can’t tell you how many times things just clicked and I realized that’s how that works or what is supposed to happen. This is so worth the money and I will tell anyone and everyone to purchase this series, because seriously, in 5 days I understood things I was struggling to last year when I read the ****** book. On to BDCS….you don’t teach series on that do you???? Thank you, Thank you!!


Michael – I passed! I loved the videos, and your graphics are off the chain!  THANK YOU! Teachers like you, make the world go round.  Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Lauren Boulier

Just wanted to let you know building systems was a pass! The videos were very helpful and helped my understand many basics concepts needed. Thanks Again.

Christopher Yeley

Amber Team, I just received my score report back w/ a PASS.  Your videos were essential to my studying.  Thank you very much.  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Chris Carson