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Hi Michael, I want to let you know that I passed!! So excited! Just have one more exam which is the SD and then I’m done! You were right when you said that your videos and a little bit of MEEB was enough to pass the exam. That’s all I did, plus the Archiflash cards… that’s all. Thank you so much for such a great teaching method. It worked.

Luciane Maia

Hi Professor Ermann, I hope you’ll forgive me not reaching out sooner. Just wanted to let you know that I took your seminar last fall at the Center for Architecture in NYC.  I then took the exam friday of that same week. Just as you predicted, I passed, so feel free to add me to your statistics of those who passed by taking the exam promptly or right after the seminar. Sincerest thanks.

Erika Schmitt

Just wanted to give some feedback after receiving a PASS on the exam.  I took the course over a 10 day period, studying for a total of 28-30 hours.  On the 10th day, I took the exam. Thank you for an informative study course. Your vignette tips (strategies for laying out, etc) was especially helpful for completing the vignette in a timely manner. Four more exams to go.

Sarah Bullock McIntyre

Dear Professor Ermann, I would like to thank you again for producing such a “to the point” study series. I believe it to be the reason why I passed my last exam, Building Systems. Reading and trying to understand the concepts was taking me a lot of time and was frustrating. Your series explained things clearly and did not waste time on minor details that would be irrelevant for the exam. I will be recommending your series to all of my colleagues who will be taking this exam.

Alan Guidera

Dear Michael, I just wanted to inform you and the Amber team that I passed! I am sincerely grateful for your online seminars as I feel they were absolutely critical to my success. I had been previously overwhelmed with the amount of studying/reading required for this exam (after receiving MEEB in the mail!) But your online seminar really broke things down clearly and efficiently. This was my last exam and looking back at the whole experience, your online course was by far THE best study material in terms of scope and depth. I wish I had something similar for all those previous exams! Thank you again!

Harvey Miller

THANKS!!!!! Your material was a huge reason I just passed! I followed your directions and took the test soon after completing your videos and the results were positive. thanks again! What a relief to be over the BS section!!!! More exclamation points!!!!!!

Bryan West-Whitman

I would recommend this seminar to any ARE candidate.  After reviewing the materials and taking the practice exam I felt very confident.  As architects we are visual people.  This seminar broke down the information and delivered it in a clear and concise manner.  This was my fifth exam pass and prior to this I had never left the testing center feeling so confident. I appreciate how quickly the materials were delivered.   I only had one week to study, I passed.

Jina Zavala

Hi there, I’m happy to report that with your help I passed my Building Systems exam! This was my last exam; I spent three weeks watching your videos.  The videos were super helpful in solidifying concepts for me.  Thank you for offering this seminar series. P.S. – every time my mind starting wandering during the exam I played your theme music in my head and that got me back on track.

Steven Vujeva

Thank you, the videos were excellent! I passed on my first try and am now finished with the ARE! Thank you!

Douglas Crawford

Amber Team, I just received my results from the building systems exam section of the ARE and it’s a PASS!!.  This was my second try at this exam and with the help of your [online video] course material I was able to understand the concepts of the exam content which made the exam itself a breeze.  Thanks again, on to the next exam!

Romero Chambers

Hi Michael, I took your ARE seminar in NYC at the end of May – and then took the exam 3 days later.  I just learned that I PASSED!  I am thrilled with my “investment” and I know that I couldn’t have done it on my first try without you.  Thank you so much for saving me time, money, and heartache.  Thank you also for your fantastic abilities as a teacher.  It’s always inspiring to work with someone with great skill and a very apparent love for what they’re doing.  Many thanks and have a great summer,


Michael, I recently took your seminar in Arlington.  I just sat for the exam on April 3 and PASSED!  Thank you for teaching a very helpful seminar – this was a great refresher considering I hadn’t looked at much of this material in fifteen years.  I will sing your praises to everyone I know; I’ve already recommended your online version to a colleague who is just starting to study for the Building Systems exam. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, and have a great day!

Claire Dickey

Good Afternoon, I wanted to share the good news — I passed the exam!  Thank you so much for coming down to Miami for seminar, I would not have passed with out it!

David Serra

Hello again. I would like to than you for all your support. I became a License Architect in the State of New York this past Monday, and I could not have done it without your help. The online seminar was the best option for me as I was able to schedule my studies at my own paste. I also appreciate the fact that you were “behind the screen” when a question arose. I wish I would have done your seminar many years ago. Thanks again.

Andrea Buchsbaum

Michael, I took the Building Systems test a week ago, and got my Pass notification today. The seminar was very helpful, and I greatly appreciate it! I’m also recommending it to anyone who cares to read my recommendations. That was my final test too. My state board meets next Friday, and I should be getting an application for licensure from them shortly after. I went off to college to become an Architect almost 19 years ago, and I’m quite excited that I’ve earned that title and will officially be an Architect within the next few weeks. The most important thing, though, is that I not only enjoyed the seminars, but they helped me pass. Thanks again.

Andy Olson