Upcoming A.R.E. Building Systems Prep Seminars

Professor Michael Ermann holds A.R.E. Building Systems Prep Seminars. Below is a list of the upcoming seminars.

The 3-day seminar is comprehensive and it is expected that with some reading most participants will be ready to take the exam itself within two weeks of the seminar. Rather than initiating studying, this class REPLACES studying for most people. The program includes extensive content introduction and review, a group session dedicated to practicing the vignette, practice vignette grading, and the Amber Book study guide and practice exam. The schedule for seminars:

Day 1: Thermal comfort, pyschrometrics, heat transfer, thermal resistance*, infiltration and ventilation, climate, solar geometry, passive heating, active heating, passive cooling, air conditioning*, air distribution*, HVAC concepts*, overall strategies for studying, practice exam.

Day 2: Plumbing*, power*, electric lighting*, air quality, daylighting, room acoustics, noise control, practice exam.

Day 3: Vignette group practice*, content wrap-up.

* =in-depth coverage of a topic


June 09, 2018 - June 17, 2018

No in-person exams scheduled,

No in-person exams scheduled,


I have no in-person prep seminars scheduled through 2018. Good luck on the exam.