Site Planning & Design Video Seminar

(Please know that these videos don’t include vignette instruction like some of our others do)

Purchasing Information

Take the online course within three weeks of receiving it (it expires after that), and take the exam right away.

Tuition is $195 for Site Planning and Design (which doesn’t include a book nor does it include vignette instruction)

To enroll, email Let us know which prep course you want, your mailing address, and the date you want to start.

The Site Planning and Design course includes about 3 hours of video, which should take you about 8 hours to complete, including the assignments that come with the course. You can watch as many times as you like in that three week window, and if you watch it twice, it’ll take you about 13 hours to complete.

0% of this course is simply tripod video of me giving a class. I’ve hired animators, a movie maker, an audio recording studio, and a video recording studio to make this the kind of thing I’d want to watch for that many hours. I take production quality seriously.

Know that you will not be able to share or copy this video. The license is only for one user on one computer. We customize each video with a watermark of your name (one frame only, in several different locations in the video, so too fast and too small to find it.) If you share the video, you’ll be charged for each person you share it with. If you receive a bootlegged copy, let us know. We’ll give you half of the net legal damages we recover.

Know that there is a $100 discount per video for all orders of two or more so if you have a friend or friends who are interested, you EACH receive $100 off, and you don’t need to start your three week video access window simultaneously. You and your friend will also be billed separately so you won’t have to gather the money for everyone.

There is no discount for signing up for multiple videos.

Because we customize each video with your name, you can typically expect the link to the video and digital copy of the book to arrive with an email within 48 hours of when you purchase it.

“I want to enroll, but don’t want the three week window to start just yet.” If you order the video now, just tell us when you want the video delivered to your inbox (it needn’t be right away).

To purchase an online course, send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner and I want to pay separately and start at different times?
No problem. Just send the addresses of everyone interested to and we’ll work out the details and contact each of you separately.

I’m signing up with a friend, but she not taking the exam for a while. Is it okay if I take the seminar now and she takes it later?
Sure, but she’ll need to pay for the seminar within 30 days of you so you can each receive the $100 discount, otherwise you’ll be charged the additional $100. She can start the seminar any time after she has paid.

What is the discount if there are three of us signing up together?
$100 off each one.

What is the discount if I take multiple seminars?
There is no discount for that.

I’ve scheduled my Site Planning & Design exam in a month and want to begin the video in a week. What should I study in the mean time, while I’m waiting to watch the video?
Practice the vignettes. These videos don’t cover the vignettes.

How old is the video?
I’m always adding content. I won’t let this series of videos become outdated.

Do you have recommendations for those studying the structures division?

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