The Flavor of Question Only Matters When Testing

While worrying about the question type (drag-and drop, case study, etc.) isn’t helpful when studying, there are two tips to share regarding question types once you are taking the exam.

The first tip involves drag-and-drop and rotation: right-clicking on the mouse will allow you to rotate the object you are dragging, so if, for instance, you are dragging grab-bars and placing them into shower stalls, a mouse right-click after you’ve grabbed the object (shower grab-bar in this case) will rotate that shower grab-bar 90 degrees so it can be dropped in its proper orientation.

The second tip involves the case study questions: use the search feature in the case study questions!

This is a timed test so you shouldn’t be browsing this case study code material to look for the occupant load factor of a commodities exchange. Search for the part of the phrase that is least likely to show up everywhere (in this case, “commodities” is a better search word than “occupant”) and it is likely you’ll be taken right to the place you need to be in the document.

The search bar seems obvious to most of us, especially the youngest among you reading this, but you’d be surprised how many people tell me that they didn’t know about it beforehand and didn’t notice it in the testing center.

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