You Need to Memorize a Bit, But You Need Content Ownership More

Be wary of people and products that excessively focus on memorizing tricks.

Actually owning the content, really knowing it, is both the surest and the fastest path to licensure.

Memorizing is important for names of categories (types of cooling systems, soil types), but memorizing in anticipation of a question you had on a previous exam, or memorizing something you heard from a colleague about an exam question, is not a good use of your study time.

It is unlikely that the same question will be seen again on your retake (NCARB has ways to prevent repeat questions) and, in my experience, it is likely that the person sharing the test content misremembers the question and answer choices.

Owning the content gives you both the highest likelihood of correctly answering a question you anticipated, and the highest likelihood of answering a question you didn’t anticipate.

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